The Association - Contact

The "CEZANNE-TERRAIN DES PEINTRES" association has the following objectives:

- The defense and the development of the Painters Park ("Terrain des Peintres") as first order Cezanne site.

- The protection of views and perspectives on the Sainte Victoire mountain that Cezanne painted from this spot.

- Regrouping people against every project which will spoil those views and perspectives.

- The contribution to the defense and to the promotion of the touristic and cultural attractiveness of this place.

- The establishment of links with other associations for the defense of the Cezanne historical and cultural heritage and with association acting on domains which may impact the Painters Park.


Head office of the association: 7, Rue Ambroise Vollard 13090 Aix en Provence

President : M.Reocreux , Secretaries : B.Rault et M.Garcin